Air Force is establishing integrated processes for end to end tracking of Government Furnished Materials (GFM) – Implications for Air Force contractors

To ensure mission readiness, satisfy financial reporting and DoD policy requirements, Air Force must account for and track Air Force owned, contractor managed government materiel (GFM) and control and manage accountable inventory records.

This initiative is code named GFM-A (Government Furnished Material Accountability).  In order to accomplish these goals, Air Force will provide property accountability and control of contractor managed and possessed government furnished materiel through implementation of standard and integrated AF logistics and contractor processes.

Air Force has selected DPAS (Defense Property Accountability System) as its system of record for Property Accountability, Maintenance and Utilization, Warehouse and Inventory Control. With the official migration to DPAS scheduled in Q1 of 2017, Air Force has established a PMO to help contractors to prepare for the migration.

Basic requirements

  1. Contractors need to apply to become Contractor Inventory Control Point (CICP).
  2. Contractors either have an interfacing inventory management system that will interface with DPAS or contractors will use DPAS as their inventory management system.
  3. Work with the PMO to establish implementation plan and pre-implementation activities.

Timeline and next steps

  1. August, 2016 — Air Force distributes implementation guideline for GFM-A to contractors
  2. August, 2016 – contractors can request to be a designated CICP
  3. September, 2016 – PMO completes Contractor Readiness Assessment
  4. September 2016 and beyond – begin data preparation, coding (for contractors with an interfacing inventory management system), testing, before Go Live.

E-ISG Asset Intelligence plans to make eQuip! an interfacing inventory management system with DPAS. We are in the process of working with the Air Force PMO to develop and test our system.

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