Enterprise Software Market – Innovators Will Win

I have just finished reading the latest research from GB Bullhound. I am very excited because it confirmed what we have observed in the past few years as an enterprise software vendor. The London-based M&A advisor for the technology sector just published a report “Enterprise Software Revolutionizing the Modern Workplace”, including findings from its survey with over 150 tech professionals, 61% of which were users and the remainder vendors.

“The days when the largest vendors were assumed to provide the best solutions are gone.  Today, forward-thinking corporate users are on a never-ending search for better, more agile and innovative solutions that would meet their demands.” — GB Bullhound

The report says:

  • Buying decisions are decentralized. Regional offices and departments are searching for purposely built software solutions to streamline their business processes.
  • Buyers are looking for software solutions with great user experience.
  • Buyers are embracing cloud based solutions.

These are the same drivers that have supported our company’s growth in the recent years. E-ISG Asset Intelligence provides commercial off the shelf software to streamline the life cycle management of physical and IT assets. We focus on delivering innovative software solutions that are user friendly and cloud based. Our buyers are the regional offices and functional departments. They make their own buying decisions.  It’s the end users, who found our software user friendly and can solve their problems effectively, that drive the buying decision.

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, we challenge ourselves to provide innovative solutions to the market. I am glad that the enterprise market is embracing and rewarding the innovation, not just to our company, but to many other small but growing software vendors.

You can download the full report GB Bullhound here.


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