eQuip! Mobile — latest version available for Android and iOS devices


Our latest mobile application, eQuip! Mobile version 3.2.1, is available for download to Android and iOS devices!

The eQuip! Mobile applications are available as native applications on devices with Android, iOS, and Win Mobile operation systems.  They can only be used if the users already have an eQuip! user account. If you don’t have an account, you can call us to discuss your asset management needs.

The eQuip! mobile application provides a streamlined user interface to perform simple asset management tasks:

  • Add assets
  • Search and Edit assets
  • Audit assets

It uses the built in cameras on smartphones and scanners to perform quick audit by scanning barcodes. It also uses Bluetooth function on smartphones and scanners to read low energy Bluetooth tags nearby.

The eQuip! mobile application is an extension of the web based eQuip! asset management software. The eQuip! software is developed to collect information from Internet of Things, using RFID, GPS, Bluetooth technology.

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