Why IT Asset Discovery tools are not sufficient for IT Asset Management?

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With the increasing amount of connected IT devices, IT Asset Discovery tools are widely deployed to collect information about connected IT devices on corporate networks.

While these tools have helped IT departments to keep track of some IT assets, but they are not adequate for managing the life cycle information of physical, contractual, and financial information of IT assets, which is the definition of IT asset management.

Top 3 reasons why IT Asset Discovery tools are not adequate for IT asset management:

  1. IT asset discovery tools only track connected IT devices. Many IT devices, like projectors, unused servers/laptops, are not connected, therefore are not visible to IT asset discovery tools.
  2. Each IT asset discovery tools has its own limitations. For example, SCCM only focuses on devices with Window OS. Some IT asset discovery tools may not be able to discover connected printers. Because of these limitation, not all IT assets are captured by IT discovery tools
  3. IT asset discovery tools typically have very limited functionality in describing the location, category, and custodian information of assets. For example, they may only have one field to describe the location. They may not have any information about asset categories.

Despite the limitation of IT Asset Discovery tools, the fact that it discovers connected devices in real time can support the IT asset management process. If set up properly, IT Asset Discovery tools can be connected to IT Asset Management systems to provide the real time update to asset information.

The key is to set up the connection between IT Asset Discovery tools and IT Asset Management systems properly. We have just published a guide on how to do that. If you would like to download the guide “Connecting IT Asset Discovery to IT Asset Management”, please visit here.

If you would like to find out more about the eQuip! IT Asset Management solution and watch a short video, you can visit here.


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