Difference between eQuip! and other Enterprise Asset Management solutions – the Lego Analogy

When we built the asset management software system eQuip!, we want it to be Flexible, Extendable and Mobile. Often, we are asked, “What do these terms mean?”

Lego Analogy for eQuip!

Lego Analogy for eQuip!

I like to compare the eQuip! system to Legos. Legos have standardized components yet with tremendous flexibility for building different shapes. Users can easily assemble them, take them apart, and connect different pieces by themselves.

With the eQuip! asset management software, we have standardized the core workflows, fields, reports, but provide users options to configure them, with our unique Admin tools.

As a result, the advantages for using the eQuip! asset management software include:

  1. Users can configure the system themselves. Since the configuration doesn’t involve any code changes, so the system is stable. This is Flexibility.
  2. Users can connect the eQuip! asset management software with other systems, using standard connector or APIs. This is Extendability
  3. Users can use mobile phones to connect with the eQuip! asset management software and perform basic inventory audit and asset searches.

If you would like to read in more details our “ Flexible, Extendable and Mobile” framework, please download this white paper “Key Requirements for Choosing an Enterprise Asset Management System“.




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