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Take Selfies with Mobile Scanners


Really? We are talking about reading the boring barcodes on physical assets, what does that have to do with taking selfies?



In many situations, when the assets are in a tight space, or under a surface, it is easier to use the front-facing camera to read the barcodes than to use the rear-facing camera.

One of our customers recently found out about that challenge when they need to scan thousands of assets located in tight spaces. They asked if we can enable eQuip! Mobile to use the front-facing camera.

Our product development team suddenly had the “Aha” moment. We Smartphone users have been taking selfies for years, and why can’t we allow the smartphones to take sort of selfies of physical assets?

That’s why we have introduced this feature in our latest release of eQuip! Mobile 3.4.0.

If you would like to check out this latest feature and many more in the eQuip! Mobile application, please visit our website for more details.  


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