Our Deepest Appreciation for Emergency Management and Humanitarian Professionals in Texas during Hurricane Harvey

I was scheduled to visit our customers in San Antonio, Texas from Monday, August 28th to Wednesday August 30th. I cancelled the trip at the last minute because of the impending storm. Since the weekend, I have been watching the devastating events unfolding in Texas. I am deeply humbled by the heroic efforts by emergency management and humanitarian professionals in the areas affected by the Hurricane Harvey.

Some of these heroes, including the Texas Department of State Health Services, and BCFS (a global health and human services nonprofit organization), are our customers.

I have known these customers as “eQuip! users”, although I am aware that being “eQuip! users” is not their day time job. Now I have firsthand appreciation for what they do in their day jobs.

The past 10 days’ events also remind me and our staff of the meaning and purpose for what we do. It helps us to connect our daily work to the rest of the world, and it motivates us to do our best every day.

We want to express our deepest appreciation for our customers who are engaged in the disaster recovery efforts in Hurricane Harvey. I know I will see them soon in Texas.


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