5 Ways eQuip! Will Help Transform How You Track Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) theft is a rampant, multi-industry issue that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, according to the 2013 OECD report,  up to 5% of all goods imported into the European Union are fake. A surprisingly large amount of Intellectual Property theft originates from internal leaks that occur during a product’s development lifecycle.

Typically, these leaks occur when a sample or a prototype passes from department to department as it is brought to market, and along the way, the Intellectual Property slips out of the hands its owner.

Our mission is to make it easy for companies of any size to keep track of their Intellectual Property.

Below is a list of some of our favorite eQuip! features.

Easily Transfer or Issue Property to a Custodian

Chain of Custody recordThe first step in shoring up any potential IP leak, you must be able to enforce accountability. To do that, you need to know who is accountable for an asset during each stage of its development. Our eQuip! platform supports two-way signature capturing. As the IP moves between individuals (or departments), there are two signatures that are captured:

Signature 1: The new IP custodian acknowledging receipt (and ownership) of the IP property

Signature 2: The former IP custodian acknowledging that they have fulfilled their obligation and are passing off the IP


Automatically Record the Transaction History Transaction of an Asset

Never dig through another spreadsheet or outdated database again! eQuip! records the complete history of asset transactions directly in the systems. Management or auditors can track:

  • When an entry modification was made
  • Who made the entry modification
  • The time and date of the modification
  • The archival of old values
  • Recording of any new values

Know Where Your Assets Are Physical Located at All Times

Stop us if that sounds familiar. You know that an asset is with a certain department, but when you go to audit the asset’s location, the department head has no idea where that IP is at. For all they know, the asset is in a storage closet or warehouse somewhere in the building, or worst, taken to the home of an unknown employee. The warehousing of IP is a common practice particularly for assets that are sunsetted or disposed of instead of being brought to market. Best case, it takes a bit more work to locate the asset. Worst case, that asset is forever lost.


Easily Photograph and Record Asset Images

Smartphones have made us all aspiring photographers. The eQuip! mobile app lets you capture an image and attach it to the IP asset record. The images display in search results and reports, allowing your team to easily visualize the asset.

eQuip! let’s you take and upload multiple images during a product’s development lifecycle, helping you to keep track on any asset enhancements or modifications. Photos can also be used to prove destruction of IP assets.


Manage the Complete Asset Lifecycle with Web and Mobile Application

eQuip! Mobile and Web applicationWe built the eQuip! system to handle the asset tracking of even the most robust companies. Whether you’re a desk jockey or a mobile warrior, our cross-platform software includes support for:

  1. COTS IP record creation
  2. Robust search and ad-hoc reporting
  3. Scan barcodes with front and rear camera of smartphone/tablet
  4. Mobile iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile compatible
  5. Improve physical inventory audit efficiency and accuracy with eQuip! Mobile

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