Asset Management: Is There Really An App For That?

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According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, about three-quarters of Americans have smartphones. (That means about 25% of Americans really enjoy printing out MapQuest directions.)

Now that you and your coworkers essentially have super computers in your pocket, how has that changed your asset management productivity?

Probably not one iota.

Why don’t more people use asset management apps?

Over 4 years ago business leaders were imploring software developers to mobilize their enterprise applications, respondents to a Mobile Helix survey predicted a 36% boost in productivity with mobile apps in the workplace. Fast forward to today, apparently nine in ten corporate employees are using at least one mobile app at work.

So is there an app for mobile asset management?

Is there an app for asset management? The answer is “yes, but…”

The fact is, as usual, asset and inventory managers are forced to get by with “hand me downs.” There are no useful asset management mobile apps for Excel spreadsheets. Mobile apps developed for ERPs, help desk software, work order management systems, accounting software, etc. are not designed with the asset manager in mind.

Even vendors who make purpose-built asset management software either don’t have a mobile app or are consistently putting out a poor product. Just look at these reviews for asset management and barcode scanner apps from the app stores:

  1. “Crashes every time I try to use it”
  2. “Like another user said, this app crash when you try to log in.”
  3. “Cannot get barcode scanner to work. I had to manually enter every product serial number in….”
  4. “Crashes every time you scan a bar code.”

You need a better mobile asset management application!

The fact is, if asset managers had a functioning mobile app they would be much more productive. Most organizations’ asset inventory is not conveniently huddled around the property manager’s desk; it’s scattered throughout the facility, campus, or job site.

With an asset management mobile app, users can scan barcodes using their smartphone to create records, view/modify asset details, attach pictures of items, check in/out assets, and complete inventory audits.

Furthermore, using a smartphone saves the company lots of cash. Your organization would not need to find budget to purchase handheld barcode scanners at $1,200+ each.

The eQuip Asset Management software comes with a great mobile app, tailor-made to avoid the headaches most asset management and barcode scanner apps cause. You can check out some of the eQuip Mobile app features here.


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