10 Ways eQuip! Asset Tracking Software Reads and Records Barcodes

Managing physical assets often involves putting barcode labels on assets. The barcodes not only serve as unique identifiers of individual assets, but also make it easier to audit assets. Using a scanner or mobile phone to read barcodes is much easier and faster than having a person read the barcode, compared against a paper record.
The eQuip! Asset Management and Asset Tracking software reads and records barcodes in 10 ways:
  1. Automatically generate a barcode for an asset, if the asset doesn’t have an existing barcode.
  2. Manually input the barcode or scan the barcode when entering individual asset in the system.
  3. Import barcodes when importing a batch of asset data.
  4. Print out barcodes on a Zebra label printer, on labels of various sizes and forms.
  5. Customize barcodes with the built-in barcode label editor. Users can create and save templates, choose which fields to go on the label.
  6. Use the camera on mobile phones to read the barcode labels and audit assets if the mobile phone has eQuip! Mobile installed.
  7. Add a new asset record with the barcode information if the new asset is found during audit.
  8. Connect a Bluetooth barcode with a mobile phone or tablet to read barcodes.
  9. Connect a USB barcode scanner with a laptop and read the barcodes.
  10. Use mobile phone to read 2D IUID labels, and pull up all the IUID information if you have an eQuip! Mobile account.


Author: Jackie Luo, CEO, E-ISG Asset Intelligence

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