Asset Check Out/Check In – It Shouldn’t be Complicated

This blog is contributed by Tanner Zeisel, Director of Asset Management Solutions, E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC




For many organizations, managing loaner equipment is a very common process. But without the correct tools, it can be a difficult process for employees.
Without a purposely built system, users are often forced to track loaner equipment on spreadsheets or pieces of paper. Due back dates? Others? Don’t get me started. This usually consists of calendar alerts, sticky notes, or the dreadful honor code.
For some organizations, any of the above three will work to some extent, but for most of us, these are too inefficient. It can be hard to stay on top of things when multiple items are checked out and easy to forget that an item is due back for return.
Asset check in/check out should be a very simple process for organizations with complete accountability created when an item is checked out.
eQuip! gives users the ability to use a mobile app to complete check in/check out and it is very simple to use. Users simply select the custodian checking assets out, establish a due back date, and then scan assets to check them out.
Need accountability? Custodians can sign on the screen of a smart device to verify acceptance of the assets being assigned.
Pretty cool, right? It gets cooler – trust me. Additionally, we give the user the ability to create automatic email alerts for assets due for return. Want the admin and custodian to get an email day of that tells them the item is due back for return? No problem. Actually, eQuip! can send that email to anyone within the organization so that all relevant users are made aware when an item is due back.
No more checking calendars, no more sticky notes taking over your desk, no more assets overdue for return.
It’s really that simple. Interested in learning more? Watch a short demo below:




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