What differentiate eQuip! from other Asset Management systems?

I am often asked this question, “What differentiate eQuip! from other Asset Management Systems?” As a CEO, I am responsible for creating the differentiation between eQuip! and other Asset Management systems, and leading the team to deliver that differentiation.

So why would our customers choose the eQuip! Asset Management System?

  1. Provide ease of mind for importing asset data into the system – autogenerated rejection files for correction
  2. Out of box workflows for asset creation, transfer, move, property pass, maintenance, and disposal
  3. Pre-Integrated Administrative Tools for configurating searches, workflows, and forms
  4. Free mobile application on smartphones for asset audit, transfer, and check out/in
  5. Standard, out of box integration with Landsweeper, SCCM, Active Directory
When a sales prospect asks the question, “why should we choose eQuip! vs. other systems?” I would say, the decision is an easy one.

Some of the things that eQuip! can do but our competitors can’t:

  1. Import exiting barcodes or generate new ones and print them in bulk
  2. Save and reuse templates for entering new assets
  3. Support using Parts Master for entering new assets
  4. Search and Edit in one grid
  5. Use mobile phones to audit by location or by people, check out and check in assets
  6. Support different business rules for managing equipment, material, and supplies
  7. Provide multiple layers to classify asset category
I hope this provides insights to what we deliver and why your should choose eQuip! v.s. others.

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