Asset Lifecycle and Adhoc Reporting

Contributed by Tanner Zeisel, Director of Asset Management Solutions, E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC



If you work with spreadsheets a lot, you are intimately familiar with “Control F”.  if you’re an asset manager using spreadsheets, this is probably your best friend when it comes to “adhoc reporting”. And let’s be honest, this is far from actual adhoc reporting.
This is an issue many asset managers face when using spreadsheets. If someone asks where assets are, what’s available, who they’re assigned to, etc., it can become extremely difficult to get these answers in a timely fashion. Even with many purpose built systems, the filters are limited.
With eQuip! we give our customers unlimited filters so that the end user can decide what they need and then have those filters available upon implementation. Pretty cool right? On top of this, eQuip! has custom saved searches so that you can adjust filters and data output based on what information you need.
This means you can have a search for depreciation, loaner assets, type of assets – the list goes on. And then once you’ve completed a search, you’ll have the desired output ready to go. This means if someone asks you for a report you can get it to them immediately.
Furthermore, once you’ve run a search you can use column headers to break down on the information you’d like. For example, if an employee asks for a laptop because theirs is broken, you don’t need to scramble to try and identify what you have on hand. Simply run a search for the assets based on the location and then select the column headers to break down on the type of asset (computer), the condition, and the availability.
This is just one of the many tools that makes day-to-day asset management so easy, with eQuip!.
If you would like to schedule a free software demo of eQuip! to learn how adhoc reporting is made easy,  please call 866-845-2416.

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