Let’s Embrace Good Asset Management Technologies

In the past few years, we have seen the available solutions for Enterprise Asset Management evolve quite significantly.  Six or seven years ago, Cloud Hosting, Standardized Web APIs, Mobile Asset Tracking and Inventory Audit were relatively new.  However, in 2018, they are all common features of asset management solutions. In fact, buyers expect these to be integrated as part of the standard solution they choose.
At E-ISG, we believe there are 10 trends that are relevant to those looking to deploy an enterprise asset management solution. In doing this research, we have analyzed many enterprise asset management solutions and talked to many existing and prospective customers to look for common themes and expectations.
  1. Using a Cloud-Based Software as a Service Asset Management Solution Supported by an Annual Subscription Payment Model
  2. Using Mobile Phones to Make Auditing Inventory Easier and More Convenient
  3. Facilitate Easy “Checkout and Check In” of Assets, with Signature Capture and Email Approvals Outside of the Application
  4. Support Different Barcode Types and Rules
  5. Use Straightforward, Self-Generated Templates to Import Asset Data
  6. Ability to Import Asset History
  7. Ability for Users to Configure and Update Workflow Rules
  8. Intuitive Admin Tools That Enable Users to Change Software Options and Set Up Roles/Permissions for Users
  9. Stop Pretending that IT Service Management Solutions Can Meet the Needs for Managing IT Assets
  10. Connect to ERP Systems, Enabling Full Lifecycle Management of Physical Assets


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