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Configurability of a Software System — the Importance of Pre-Integrated Admin Tools

Contributed by Tanner Zeisel, Director of Asset Management solutions

How much does it cost to make a change in our system?
Unfortunately for many asset managers, this is a question that is all too real. I’ll paint the scenario: the team just purchased a brand new asset management system and can’t wait to get moving. After a few months of implementation. Tt’s finally time to use the new system! After an hour or so of using the system the realization sets in that there are fields, searches, reports, etc. that need to be adjusted. No problem, right? Just call up the vendor and ask for some quick changes, right? Not so easy.
Many software providers out there build in hidden costs for maintenance and support of their systems. If a user wants to modify the system they need to reach out to the vendor, invest more money, and then wait weeks for that change to be rolled out.
We here at E-ISG hear this complaint all the time. For many it seems like this is just the way things will be and at one point or another they just accept this business model. For those that have gotten to this point, I have some great news for you – It doesn’t have to be this way.
One of the most overlooked features during a search for a new system is system configurability – can we make these changes on our own? With the eQuip! asset management system, we believe that anyone should be able to add a new field, search, report, etc. whether they have an IT degree or not. That’s why we offer pre-integrated admin tools. These tools give users the ability to create new reports, searches, workflows, fields, filters, alerts, and much more. The best thing is that they are all simple to use and most can be executed in anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes.
Want to learn more about our pre-integrated admin tools? Call us at 1-866-845-2416 or schedule a demo here.

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