Barcode Scanning in SCIF’s and Secure Areas

This blog is contributed by Richard Wilson, VP, Asset Management Solution



Anyone that works in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) or other similarly secure area knows that to enter means being separated from their smartphone. Granted, people should not be frequently using their smartphone at work… but for the property managers that rely on an asset management mobile app, this can be a big problem.
When teams are working with equipment and parts on classified projects it makes sense to restrict the use of portable devices that communicate wirelessly, can record sound/video, and take pictures. Many of our DoD and Defense Contracting customers operate in SCIF’s and other secure areas. All of them had the same issue, daily asset transactions and scheduled inventory audits were recorded using pen and paper. Yes, for some working in SCIF’s is like working in the 1980’s. Government property managers walk around with printed spreadsheets to note data changes, scratch out inaccuracies, and check off assets to audit… then go back to their asset system to hand enter the recorded information. All people operating in these spaces seem resigned to using this inefficient and error prone method.
Fortunately, manufacturers like Honeywell produce Government spec devices that have the wireless data transfer and camera capabilities permanently deactivated. With an asset management mobile app installed, the Government spec handheld barcode scanners allow users to scan barcodes to view/modify asset details, transfer equipment and parts, and complete inventory audits. Once the transactions are completed, they insert the device into a docking station that is connected to a computer, which then updates the asset management system automatically. Yes, getting one of these devices cleared for use will take a discussion or two with the network and facility security teams, but the improved productivity could be game changing. We can help connect interested people with manufacturer representatives that can provide the details needed for approval. Feel free to contact us to learn more about these devices and the eQuip! mobile app.


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