As part of AssetWorks LLC, we look forward to providing better services to eQuip! customers

Written by Jackie Luo, E-ISG Asset Intelligence, now part of AssetWorks USA Inc. 

Last week, E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC was acquired by AssetWorks LLC, part of Constellation Software Inc., a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CSU.TO).

All of us at E-ISG are very excited to join the AssetWorks family. AssetWorks provides software solutions for fixed asset management, surplus asset management, risk management, fleet management, and facility management. In addition, they offer property insurance appraisal and inventory auditing service. Its parent company, Constellation Software, is operating in over 100 vertical markets, with $2.5 Billion in revenue, more than 140,000 customers across the globe, and more than 13,000 employees worldwide. As part of this large organization, we can provide better support to the eQuip! product by continuing to invest in differentiating features and functionalities.

After joining the AssetWorks family, our mission is still the same: providing a differentiated asset management solution and efficient support to our customers. We will continue to invest in the product, strengthening our competitive differentiation in the areas of “Flexibility, Mobily, and Extendibility”. We will continue to listen to our customers and find easy ways to solve their asset management problems. Our customers have been our partners in developing the eQuip! software and we will continue to prioritize their needs.

Following our announcement last week, our customers have asked many questions about what this means for the eQuip! product and service going forward. Here are the answers to some of these questions:

  1. What are the benefits of this transaction for the eQuip! customers?

eQuip! customers can now enjoy doing business with the same customer support and product development team, but in a larger organization with established business processes and financial management practices.

  1. What is the expected duration for the “transition” and what is expected to take place?

The transition should be seamless, except we will change our email URL and the support site URL later.  We will give you advance notice when that happens. Our knowledge portal and support process will remain the same. All the team members who had been with E-ISG Asset Intelligence have transitioned to AssetWorks. They continue to work in our Baltimore office.

Customers shouldn’t feel any service disruptions or changes during the transition period or after. As usual, we are constantly finding ways to improve our customer support. As part of the Assetworks family, we can leverage their best practices and infrastructure to provide better services to our customers.

  1. Will there be a need to transition to another platform in the short or long term? Will the eQuip! platform be phased out?

There is no need to transition to another platform. Assetworks purchased E-ISG Asset Intelligence because of the strength of the eQuip! platform and the talent of the E-ISG team. We plan to maintain and enhance the eQuip! platform going forward. This will become part of the AssetWorks product portfolio.

The eQuip! platform is very strong. It provides a robust and dynamic solution for tracking, managing, and reporting on assets across their lifecycle. With mobile capabilities for inventory management, eQuip! makes it easy to conduct physical inventories and keep asset data up-to-date while on-the-go.

  1. What is the commitment to the existing eQuip! system in the short and long term? Will there be a change in the level of development and upgrades to the system?

We are committed to making the eQuip! system a competitively differentiated product. Being part of the larger company, we will enjoy much more support to invest in the eQuip! system and continue to develop and upgrade the system to meet our customers’ needs.

  1. Will there be any level of integration of features from AssetWorks into eQuip! or eQuip! into an AssetWorks product?

We don’t have a definitive plan on this one yet. When it makes sense to our customers, we will consider that.

  1. Will the E-ISG location in Baltimore remain?

Yes, the E-ISG location will be the Baltimore office of AssetWorks. We plan to renew our lease in 3500 Boston Street for the upcoming years.


We hope this information is helpful. We are proud of the accomplishment the E-ISG team has achieved and we couldn’t have done it without our customers! To our customers, we thank you all for joining us on this journey and look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come. Please never hesitate to reach out with additional questions. We’re here and happy to help!


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