Recording Asset Maintenance Activities in eQuip! Asset Management System

Contributed by Amadou Bah, Customer Implementation Specialist, E-ISG Asset Intelligence, now part of AssetWorks USA, Inc. 

Equipment Maintenance can be complex, especially when dealing with a lot of equipment with different Maintenance needs and schedules. The eQuip! asset management software allows you to set up Maintenance Tasks and Work Orders for your assets and track the performance of these assets using built in meters, alarms, and calibration schedules. The following illustrates the flow of these activities.
Tasks>Work Orders>Equipment and Parts>Meters, Alarms and Calibration Schedules
In the eQuip! asset management software, you can access these tools from the Maintenance Dashboard:
Screenshot of eQuip! Dashboard for MaintenanceWith this tool, you can create a specific Task with details and then add as many Work Orders as needed into the Task. This feature saves you time by allowing you to use the same Task template for other Work Orders, therefore preventing repetitive entries. In addition, the details of each existing Task and Work Order can be modified to match the Maintenance needs of your assets. In fact, Tasks can be scheduled with multiple frequency options, including a Multiple Occurrence frequency that lets you schedule the Maintenance Task daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
Within each Work Order, you can add equipment to be maintained and the parts needed to maintain the equipment; the tool allows you to see the quantities available for each part before making a selection. You can also assign People to a specific Work Order and add a Location for the Work Order. More importantly, there are Instructions and Feedback text boxes that allow the person assigning the Work Order to communicate with the person assigned to the Work Order.
Another feature in this tool is Equipment Inspection and Corrective Action. It is exactly what the name implies, it allows you to inspect equipment that are in Work Orders and take corrective actions. With this feature you can enter calibration information for your equipment, including calibration Reading and Calibration Date; you can also add meters and alarms for the equipment, record their Reading and Duration, and save the logs.
If you would like to explore how eQuip! can help you track physical assets and their maintenance activities, you can call our office at 866-845-2416.

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