Supporting the IUID Requirements with eQuip Software

UID tags that help contractors support the IUID Registry requirements.

The U.S. Department of Defense maintains item Unique Identification, or IUID, standards that require suppliers and contractors to uniquely identify most tangible property, including components and kit parts, throughout an item’s full lifecycle of service.

These standards ensure that many Department of Defense (DOD) assets are acquired, tracked, repaired, and deployed within a fast and efficient procedural framework that can uniquely track any asset’s history by accessing the identification information found on a particular item’s physical IUID marking, or label, and UII Unique Item Identifier (DOD UII Data Set).

Meeting the IUID requirements has always been a challenge to many government contractors. The problems include:

  1. Not knowing the required fields and the format for input for sending the asset data to the IUID registry
  2. Put the asset data in XML or flat file format as required, so it can be transmitted via GEX (Global Exchange) to the IUID registry
  3. Track the parent child relationship of assets
  4. Generate a 2D barcode (UII) and ensure the barcode contains all required data, including Enterprise identifier, serial number, original part number

In addition, the Department of Defense recently updated their format for submitting IUID asset data.

The eQuip! Government Property Management system has just enhanced its features to support the IUID related requirements.

The following is a list of changes to the IUID Registry Plugin and the Process forms:

  1. Provided a cleaner organization of menus and coordinated processes for data export, import and data entry.
    • Selection of flat file components for both Inserting new records and Updating IUID Events.
    • Separating the Insert Registry and Update Registry process to avoid confusion.
  2. Built in check for data errors in the flat, which allows users to correct those errors before submission.
  3. Updated data elements to support the current IUID data reporting requirements.
    • XML Export of Flat file data that matches UID_Elements_structure_V5.2_final_2_May standard.
    • Text Flat file that matches OSD_UID_7.0_IUID_Flat_File_Final standard.
  4. Support for reporting embedded assets in the XML flat file both for adding new embedded assets and updating existing ones.

If you would like to see the a demonstration of latest eQuip! IUID features, please call us at 1-866-845-2416 or fill a demo request on this page.

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