3 Simple Ways eQuip Helps Government Contractors comply to DFARS

Satisfying government requirements according to DFARS standards can be challenging. You need to track government property thoroughly, using IUID tags. Any changes to the property, from moving to another room to repairs, needs to be tracked in your system and reported to the government. If you don’t meet requirements, you may be subject to hefty fines. That’s why all Government Property Managers need the right tool to submit IUID information to the government in way that ensures compliance without costing too much time or causing too many headaches.

The IUID functionality in eQuip! does just that; it allows users to enter IUID information for their existing assets, convert exiting IUID label information into asset records, and generate a flat file that can then be submitted to the Government through the registry. eQuip! also allows system administrators to set permissions for the IUID Registry (which is another requirement set by the government).

Let’s take a closer look at these functions and how they can help your business.

Adding Assets

The IUID tool in eQuip! allows you to search for existing assets and add IUID data for those assets.

Adding IUID Data to eQuip

Users can add IUID data either by updating existing records directly through the eQuip! Web Application or by bulk editing the assets using an Excel Spreadsheet. One of the most important features of this tool is that it checks validation rules based on current government requirements on IUID, telling you exactly which fields must be filled out to complete the process. This saves time for you because the system ensures that IUID data is entered as required.

Another important feature in this process is the IUID Registry tool. This tool allows you to import and print IUID Labels, convert IUID Label records into Asset Records, and generate a flat file for submission to the registry.

eQuip IUID Registry Tool


Flexible File Formats

Generate IUID flat file

Typically, the IUID flat file is generated in a text file. After recent eQuip! updates however, users have now the option to generate the flat file in XML format. This gives more flexibility to companies to choose the format that best suits their needs.


Precise Permissions

Restrict access to IUID Registry

As a government contractor, you are required to restrict who has access to the IUID Registry. eQuip! does this easily with various user roles. Users can be restricted to seeing and altering only certain reports, certain assets, and certain locations. This ensures information security for both your company and the government.



Regardless of whether this is your first government contract or if your business mainly works for with the government, you deserve a comprehensive system that makes your contract work easier. IUID standards might give you a headache, but any government contractor would find that eQuip! makes the process painless.

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