New: Automated System Transition Checklist

Blog loyalists may have read our blog post last year on transitioning to an automated enterprise asset management system.

In that blog post we discussed how, despite the benefits an automated system can bring, the transition from manual to automatic can be difficult. We then discussed the key things your organization can do to aid in that transition.

I’m excited to announce that blog post is now a downloadable checklist! (Click here to get it for free.)

A change in asset management system may happen after an organization realizes that it can no longer track their physical assets. Perhaps a manager finally says that their spreadsheets are out of control. Or maybe a business flat-out fails an audit.

This is when a company needs to transition to an automated asset management system.

However, the transition to a new system can be a difficult process.

This isn’t the fault of any individual or group; transitions are always hard. I mean, I get confused when I put my keys in a different spot for a day.

If something as simple as getting a new key hanger causes difficulties, you can imagine how many difficulties a whole new way of working with assets causes.

That’s why our organization provides eQuip! users with a structured onboarding process, where we do most of the heavy lifting for you. We guide users through 10 initial steps to aid in the transition to a new system.

We’ve put together this checklist so you can understand the transition, whether you’re doing it by yourself or with us. We believe being prepared for change will decrease stress and increase the ease with which you change to your new system.

If you want a preview into the implementation process, click the link below to download it for free.

Here’s a peek:

Small screenshot of the Asset Management System Transition Checklist

Once again, you can get this checklist here.

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