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5 Reasons to Love the National Property Management Association (NPMA)

Several professionals chat at a networking event. Text overlay reads: 5 Reasons to Love the National Property Management Association (NPMA)

If you’re a property professional responsible for managing government furnished property, equipment, or material, then you don’t want to miss out on being a part of the National Property Management Association (NPMA).

NPMA is a premier organization for government contract property professionals and really, as they say on the organization’s website, any “professionals who are responsible for the effective and efficient management of equipment, materials, and other moveable and durable assets for their organization.”

From networking to education, the organization provides opportunities for personal and professional growth year-round. Here are five of the reasons why we love NPMA and think you should, too!

National Education Seminar…and More!

Every year NPMA hosts the National Property Management Association National Education Seminar (NES). The four-day event is packed with sessions and networking opportunities aimed at helping you improve asset management operations.

Jackie Luo presents at NPMA

Sessions are organized by track (e.g. contract/government property, contractor property, etc.) and cover everything from acquisition through property disposal or closeout. In 2019, NES attendees will have the opportunity to earn up to 17.5 continuing education units (CEUs).

Networking opportunities are both formal and informal, and the exhibit hall provides attendees the opportunity to meet with and learn from asset management experts offering a variety of different solutions.

What’s more, NES isn’t the only opportunity NPMA members have to network and attend in person educational sessions throughout the year. The organization also hosts Spring (SES) and Fall (FES) events as well as smaller Chapter meetings/workshops.

The keynote speaker at NPMA NES 2018 speaks on a large stage with a screen behind them.

Implementing the strategies and best practices you learn while attending an NPMA event can help you reduce the complexities and risks associated with managing both government and contractor property!

Save the Dates!

Asset Management Awareness Month

March calendar

It’s critical to stay up to date on changing regulations and requirements, as well as to continually improve your asset management practices.

It’s equally important to drive awareness for responsible asset management throughout your organization. Asset management might be in your job title, but it’s everyone’s responsibility.

Enter: Asset Management Awareness Month.

Hosted throughout the month of March, Asset Management Awareness Month includes free webinars for both NPMA members and non-members, information, and flyers to share with your organization.

Take advantage of this opportunity to help your colleagues understand how they can contribute to the goals of your organization by getting more involved with asset management today!

Certifications and Additional Educational Opportunities

NPMA certifications recent graduate

In addition to earning CEUs for attending sessions during the National, Spring, and Fall Education Seminars, NPMA attendees have access to many other professional development opportunities.

The organization’s asset and property professional certification has three different tiers of certification. Each has slightly different requirements.

The Certified Property Professional Specialist (CPPS) certification is perfect for those new to the profession. You will need some study time to pass two different exams, but will also give you a great foundation in property management and a leg up in the industry.

The Certified Property Professional Administrator (CPPA) and Certified Property Professional Manager (CPPM) certifications not only require you to complete and pass exams, but have a work experience component.

Not ready to get certified? No worries! The National Property Management Association has plenty of educational opportunities for you, too!

From the educational seminars mentioned above to chapter workshops, educational courses, and access to an online community full of resources, NPMA is clearly the place to go for many of the answers to your property management questions.

You can check out their calendar of events here: NPMA Calendar.

FUN: The Property Challenge

Which Region Will Win in 2019?

Richard Wilson competing in the NPMA Challenge. He is wearing a blue chef hat and apron, placing toppings on a pizza.

Who said property management can’t be fun?

If you’re attending this year’s National Education Seminar, you won’t want to miss the “Property Challenge.” At this event, each region – East, Central, and West – face off against each other in a dynamic competition.

Be sure to brush up on both your property management and Washington DC knowledge, because the Q&A component includes questions about both property and the host city of the conference. Representatives from each region, as well as the audience, have the opportunity to earn points for their team.

Meanwhile, the physical component always provides a good challenge and a good laugh! Pictured here is my colleague, Richard Wilson, drawing out the Chicago skyline with pepperoni in what turned out to be a come-from-behind victory in last year’s Chicago Pizza making competition.

This really is a can’t-miss event!

Ongoing Networking and Friendships

Several professionals network at a National Property Management Association event.

Perhaps the best part of an organization like the National Property Management Association is the opportunity to network with peers facing similar opportunities and challenges in their profession.

Attendees leave events like NES or chapter meetings with plenty of people to reach out to when they’re looking for a second opinion or are trying to solve a particular challenge.

Better yet, these professional relationships often become friendships that extend well beyond NPMA-facilitated events. This is one of the main reasons why we love the National Property Management Association.

You could say we “saved the best for last,” but it really wouldn’t be possible without all of the other hard work that goes into making this association great!

The team from AssetWorks will be attending NES, SES, and FES as well as some other NPMA Chapter Events/Meetings. We truly love being a part of such an amazing organization full of kind and talented people. We always welcome the opportunity to learn more about the challenges and opportunities faced by property professionals.

Keeping our customers, prospects, and often friends, at the very center of everything we do enables us to develop innovative asset management software solutions that can truly help property professional increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance of their property program.

Be sure to stop by to meet us at an upcoming event or reach out to info@assetworks.com if you’d like to speak to one of our property management experts. We’ll get you to the right person.

We hope to see you at a future NPMA event!

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