3 Things to Look Forward to at NPMA NES 2019

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A few weeks ago, I started scheduling presentations to attend and bookmarking local attractions to visit for my trip to NPMA National Education Seminar (NES) 2019. Now, less than a week away, I’m slowly packing my bags for the five day conference.

No matter your reason for attending, I believe the mix of learning, networking, and fun will leave something for everyone.

So, in this post I’ll point out some conference highlights, and provide some tips to help get the most out of the event. I hope by the time you’re done reading, you’ll be as excited as I am!

1) The Presentations

NES kicks off with the Opening General Session, featuring Kevin Brown as Keynote Speaker. Mr. Brown is a speaker, author, and a marketing executive for a top international franchisor. His speech will likely give us all a good motivational boost (as well as a chance for some coffee to kick in, for those jet-lagged folks).

After the General Session ends, the industry learning begins! Each day is packed with several tracks of presentations, as well as breaks for lunch and an Exhibit Hall Reception. I suggest using the NES 2019 App to choose the sessions you want to attend and track your personal schedule.

I’m also pleased to tell you that a few members of our team will be speakers. The information for their presentations is below:

Don’t End Up In the Emergency Room

Tuesday, August 20 10:30am-11:30am

Richard Wilson

Description: If you talk to an emergency room doctor, you will find out there are enumerable ways to break a bone. We have seen many ways government contractor’s property systems have been found deficient and resulted in corrective action requests.

This interactive discussion (participants are encouraged to leave shyness at the door) will meander through many emergencies asset managers have found themselves in, what the easily identifiable symptoms are, and dig deep to uncover the true ailment that needs to be addressed.

We will also reveal some strategies that can be employed to encourage your team members to help reverse the negative momentum, moving toward a happy and healthy asset inventory.

Generate Revenue for your University with a Surplus Property Program

Tuesday, August 20 4:00pm-5:00pm

Dean Hebert

Description: From coast-to-coast, Institutions of Higher Education are engaging in creative ways to divert waste from landfills while generating revenue for their Colleges and Universities. With the increasing pressure for Institutions to keep tuition rates more stable, this stream of revenue is both meaningful and important.

In this presentation we will look at several ways Colleges and Universities, large and small, are leveraging surplus property to attack the triple bottom line and contribute positively to social, environmental, and financial goals. We’ll also outline a process for getting started with and growing a surplus property program at your University.

Survey Says! Trends and Best Practices for Inventory Audits

Wednesday, August 21 2:45pm-3:45pm

Sean Pugatch

Description: Conducting an inventory can be a challenging and time consuming process. We know because you told us!

In this session we’ll not only review the results of a detailed survey of government property professionals, but we’ll take a deeper dive into current inventory trends and best practices. We’ll discuss several approaches to conducting inventory including wall-to-wall, inventory by exception, and inventory by random sample.

We will also touch on various ways technology can help streamline these inventory processes. Learn how barcode, RFID, and IUID technology can work together to improve the inventory process and how mobile inventory systems can work within your existing asset management process to improve your inventory experience.

For more information about all of the presentations, go to npmaconferences.org/nes and click on “Agenda.”

2) The Location

Though attending presentations will take up the majority of my time at NES, I definitely want to make time to enjoy the location.

Washington DC is such an excellent city to explore. It gets millions of visitors each year, for both business and leisure, so there is plenty for NES attendees to check out after a long day of learning.

You may want to visit some of DC’s famous monuments. No matter what monument you visit, you’ll find an opportunity to reflect on our nation’s history. For those of you who prefer to take the less well-trodden path, you might want to check out these commonly overlooked memorials.

If you’re still hungry for learning after attending presentations, the abundance of museums in the city can certainly meet your needs. (As an art buff, I’m particularly eyeing the National Portrait Gallery.)

3) NPMA Activities

Of course, there are additional NPMA activities to draw me back to the conference. I’m looking forward to the Property Challenge. As this is my first NPMA NES, I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m ready to be surprised; my coworker, Richard Wilson, built a pizza in a chef’s hat for last year’s Property Challenge. Be sure to attend so you can root for (or heckle) Richard and I as we represent the Eastern Region on the Physical Team.

On the final night of NES, some attendees will gather aboard the Odyssey Dinner Cruise to celebrate the NPMA. As we drift along the Potomac River, it’s the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on our learning experiences. I also hope to make a few last-minute connections over dinner.

I hope you’ll take the opportunity to do some learning, get motivated, meet some new people, and enjoy your time in DC!

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