3 Surprisingly Easy eQuip Tips and Tricks

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Some of you out there may have, like me, played some video games in your past. If so, you may have heard the term “Easter egg.”

Many people know the term Easter egg from Easter egg hunts, where plastic or hard-boiled eggs are hidden for children to find. In the case of video games, an Easter egg is a surprise that a developer has hidden in a game as a fun joke or a useful bonus. It can take some effort to locate, but sometimes you might get lucky and stumble upon it by accident.

Like the Easter eggs found in video games, there are some features in eQuip that you may not have had the opportunity to explore. These features can be a real “bonus” to your property management processes.

Today I’ll go through just a few eQuip Easter eggs. They will serve as useful tips and tricks to help you use eQuip to its fullest.

Let’s go!

Changing Company Logo and Background Color

Many of our customers like to customize eQuip to reflect their company brand. Once you know where to look for this feature, it’s relatively simple to personalize your eQuip instance.

This feature can be found in ADMIN>Manage Application Settings>Software Options. Displaying your logo on the dashboard involves two settings:

  • On page one, locate the “Logo” option
    • This is where you can upload and save your logo to eQuip
Screenshot of eQuip Software options section where users can upload a logo.
  • For an example of a good logo size, you can:
    • Right-click and save the eQuip Logo in the upper left-hand corner of the eQuip dashboard to your desktop
    • Right click the eQuip logo file that is on your desktop and choose properties
    • When the Properties window that opens click the Details tab
    • You will see the width and height dimensions listed in pixels (167×59)
Screenshot of logo properties window. An arrow points to the logo's dimensions.
  • This can be used as a guideline when adjusting the size of your logo for eQuip
    • If you plan to use a theme color in the eQuip app, you will want to use a file format of .png with a transparent background
  • On page two locate the Show Logo On Dashboard option
    • Make sure that this option is set to True. This means the logo will show on your dashboard
Screenshot of the Software Options section of eQuip where users can set the logo to display on their dashboard.
  • Once you refresh your screen, your company logo will appear on the dashboard

To change the background color displayed in the eQuip mobile app:

  • On page two of the Software Options locate the Theme Color option and click on the pencil on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Either choose a color from the drop down, or enter a hex color value and save
Screenshot of eQuip Software Options section where users can select a theme color.

Hiding the Sidebar

eQuip has a sidebar that appears next to searches.

Screenshot of the sidebar in eQuip.

Some users find the sidebar useful, while others find it distracting. If the latter is true for you, then here’s how to hide it:

  • Click on the blue gear in the upper right-hand side of the dashboard
Screenshot of the eQuip dashboard. An arrow points to the blue gear that accesses user settings.
  • Scroll down until you see the Hide Sidebar option and check the box
  • Choose Save
Screenshot of user settings. The Hide Sidebar option is circled.

This is a simple fix, but many eQuip users find that changing the sidebar to their preference really improves their experience!

Rearranging Asset Fields on The Edit Screen

When I first onboard new eQuip users, many of them can’t wait to use our form designer. With the form designer, you can customize asset forms to display the exact information your team needs.

However, if you get too enthusiastic about adding new fields to a form, or you add them in a rush, your form may start to get cluttered.

If you find that you need to rearrange your form fields, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Go to ADMIN>Utilize Form Designers>Asset Form
  • Locate the field that needs to be moved and click in its value box. This will display the field definition on the top of the screen, including its position values
  • Carefully adjust the field’s Top Pos and Left Pos values until fields are placed correctly
  • Reference the Top Pos and Left Pos values of nearby fields as a guide
Screenshot of the eQuip Asset form designer. The Left Pos and Top Pos values are circled.

eQuip is a very customizable platform, so there are many ways to make the system yours. If you ever want to know how to change something, head on over to the eQuip support site or give us a call!

I hope that you find these tips and tricks useful!

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