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Business Continuity

Improve Equipment Management – Not all Data is of Equal Value

Posted by: Jackie Luo, CEO, E-ISG Asset Intelligence Optimizing asset utilization directly contributes to the bottom line: reduce costs, increase return on equity. The key is to use the right data to improve decisions. Organizations have all kinds of data, describe the imagebut what are the criteria for the “right data” when it comes to optimizing the use of equipment and other physical and IT assets?

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Escape Excel Hell

As a facility or property manager, one of your most important goals must be the accurate tracking of organizational equipment. So I must ask: how are you currently tracking vital asset information like location, quantity, condition, custody and chain of command, depreciation and retirement? Are you like so many other property custodians that rely on Excel to manage this data? If so, you’re probably drowning in spreadsheets and spend more time chasing inventory information than managing your equipment. Well, the Intelligent Asset Manager is here to say: It’s time to escape Excel hell.

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Reconciling Equipment Data to Create Total Asset Visibility

One of the biggest headaches when attempting to establish a new property management system, or transition from an older platform, is the unending piles of data that are inhibiting, rather than enhancing, asset performance. First it’s important to note that asset data is vital to the success of any property management plan. Leveraging this information will help you streamline your workflow, increasing efficiency, and maximizing on productivity.

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