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3 Factors to Proactive Recovery

Disaster recovery and restoration for businesses and organizations is not all that different from a community’s recovery. In fact, as we have stated in previous blog posts, community resilience is directly correlated with the continuity plans of its private sector. That being said, the recovery focus for businesses is geared more to resumption of services, and as such, the disaster recovery bottom line for businesses is to keep personnel employed and normal operations running – hopefully without much time lost at all. There are three critical factors that play into your organization’s ability to resume normal operations following an emergency. They are:

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Maximizing the Value of your Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness Plan

The last several blog posts have demonstrated the internal value of preparing and sustaining a disaster preparedness plan for your business or organization. Preparedness and resilience are vital components in any business plan, no matter the size of the organization. But have you considered the external value of selling your contingency plans to other organizations? Savvy emergency managers recognize the added value of marketing a well-articulated plan, easy-to implement plan to other executives.

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Disaster Preparedness: 10 Steps to Business Continuity

In the last blog post we discussed the need for a cooperative partnership between the public and private sectors. It is largely the responsibility of public-offices to coordinate this relationship, as they are responsible for a given community’s disaster preparedness. However, the private sector must not sit idly by; instead private businesses must develop their own preparedness plans. Specifically, I am referring to the private sector’s business continuity, and moreover, the resilience of this business continuity during and after a disaster scenario.

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