Encouraging Interoperability

Disaster Academia and Asset Management Systems

The maturation of the emergency management field is being driven in part by the developing institution of disaster academia. Older emergency managers are moving into semi-retirement, adopting new roles as educators and consultants. Accordingly we are seeing a rise in independent organizations that evaluate and accredit emergency management programs against a set of national standards. These standards are similar to the standards of property management we discussed in March, in that they evaluate an entire jurisdiction’s emergency management preparedness.

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How 9/11 Changed Emergency and Property Management

Emergency management is a growing field, one whose evolution is at a unique crossroad. We can roughly divide the history of the emergency management industry into two eras: pre-September 11th and post-September 11th.  In the pre-9/11 era, emergency management was largely centered on natural disaster mitigation and recovery. Accordingly, training was based on experience and mentorship.

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