How to Create a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for Government Contractors

So, your organization received a Corrective Action Request (or CAR for short) and it’s your job to address it. But navigating the months-long, multi-step process to resolve a CAR can be overwhelming. It’s even more overwhelming if you’ve never been through this process before. Maybe your organization has maintained a strong record until now (if […]

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Navigating the Stack: An Intro to Army Logistics Forms

Anybody that has filed their own taxes knows the government relies on forms. This isn’t just to confuse taxpayers; forms are important to structuring data collection into a format that can be consistently read by people and machines. Then it’s no surprise that the Department of Defense (DoD) and its military branches use many forms […]

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4 Reasons Why Professional Development is Crucial for Property Professionals

We’ve talked before about why continuous learning is so important for property professionals. But today we’re going to talk more broadly about professional development and why property professionals should pursue it. What is professional development? First, let’s define what exactly professional development means. We can define professional development as training that is given to managers […]


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3 Surprisingly Easy eQuip Tips and Tricks

Some of you out there may have, like me, played some video games in your past. If so, you may have heard the term “Easter egg.” Many people know the term Easter egg from Easter egg hunts, where plastic or hard-boiled eggs are hidden for children to find. In the case of video games, an […]

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