WHERE are your physical assets? — It is not a simple question

Contributed by Ilanit Benor, Customer Implementation Specialist at E-ISG Asset Intelligence When I joined E-ISG Asset Intelligence three months ago, I didn’t know much about the world of asset management. To me, asset management meant little stickers on the side of the equipment. I KNEW it was important to track your assets. If assets are […]

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4 Critical Features High Education Institutions Should Look for in an Inventory Management System

While working with high education institutions, we have learned a lot about their unique inventory management challenges. Key challenges include: They buy equipment, in large quantities and frequently. Equipment are funded by different funding sources. Equipment are loaned to faculty members and faculty members are decentralized. They are required to do a Wall to Wall […]


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What is the Risk of Doing Nothing to Improve the Tracking of Physical Assets?

For a business, implementing an asset management system to better track the life cycle information of physical assets requires investment, including capital and employees’ time to implement the system and learn the system. When to make this investment is often a reflection of the leadership’s vision for the business, and the ability of the core team […]

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5 Ways eQuip! Will Help Transform How You Track Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) theft is a rampant, multi-industry issue that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, according to the 2013 OECD report,  up to 5% of all goods imported into the European Union are fake. A surprisingly large amount of Intellectual Property theft originates from internal leaks that occur during a product’s […]

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