What Information Do We Need to Track Physical Assets?

This is contributed by Ilanit Benor, customer implementation specialist at E-ISG Asset Intelligence       When you are setting up your Asset Tracking System, you need to identify which information is needed to track the physical assets. The fields should be relevant to the assets and encompassing for all assets you track. First, what […]

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What differentiate eQuip! from other Asset Management systems?

I am often asked this question, “What differentiate eQuip! from other Asset Management Systems?” As a CEO, I am responsible for creating the differentiation between eQuip! and other Asset Management systems, and leading the team to deliver that differentiation. So why would our customers choose the eQuip! Asset Management System? Provide ease of mind for […]

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Asset Check Out/Check In – It Shouldn’t be Complicated

This blog is contributed by Tanner Zeisel, Director of Asset Management Solutions, E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC       For many organizations, managing loaner equipment is a very common process. But without the correct tools, it can be a difficult process for employees. Without a purposely built system, users are often forced to track loaner […]


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10 Ways eQuip! Asset Tracking Software Reads and Records Barcodes

Managing physical assets often involves putting barcode labels on assets. The barcodes not only serve as unique identifiers of individual assets, but also make it easier to audit assets. Using a scanner or mobile phone to read barcodes is much easier and faster than having a person read the barcode, compare against a paper record. […]

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