10 things to know for managing Government Assets

Government Assets include not only the government assets used in government agencies by government employees, but also the government assets in the custody of non-government agencies, used by non-government employees. Managing government assets is not only the responsibility of government employees but also the employees of many government contractors and non-profit organizations. These private entities […]


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Let’s not Put Up with Bad Asset Management Technologies – 2016 Edition

ghosts in fixed asset management ledgers

More than 2 years ago, I wrote a post on LinkedIn “Let’s not Put Up with Bad Asset Management Technologies”, listing two examples: 1) Excel Sheets; 2) Client Server Type of Asset Management Software. Since then, I have written and spoken in different forums about what I believe should be “Good Asset Management Technologies” and […]

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Spreadsheets in Your office – More Widespread than You may Think

Challenges in equipment management

  At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, every day we hear stories about how businesses and organizations suffer from using spreadsheets to manage physical and IT assets — multiple spreadsheets but none with the most updated truth. We even published a white paper called “Spreadsheets or ERP –Why They are Inadequate for Managing Government Property System?”, which […]

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eQuip! Mobile — latest version available for Android and iOS devices

  Our latest mobile application, eQuip! Mobile version 3.2.1, is available for download to Android and iOS devices! The eQuip! Mobile applications are available as native applications on devices with Android, iOS, and Win Mobile operation systems.  They can only be used if the users already have an eQuip! user account. If you don’t have […]

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