Let’s Embrace Good Asset Management Technologies

In the past few years, we have seen the available solutions for Enterprise Asset Management evolve quite significantly.  Six or seven years ago, Cloud Hosting, Standardized Web APIs, Mobile Asset Tracking and Inventory Audit were relatively new.  However, in 2018, they are all common features of asset management solutions. In fact, buyers expect these to […]


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Inventory Audits: Teamwork Makes the Dream-work

Let’s face it – completing an annual inventory audit can be dreadful for organizations of almost any size. Typically these are completed by going around with a legal length sheet of paper, checking items off, and then going back to enter the changes into your Excel or Access database. If you’re lucky, this process may […]

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Awarded first prime contract with government property, now what?

If your reading this, it is very likely that your organization has happily grown over last few years supporting service-based government contracts or was a subcontractor that never had to worry about managing government property inventory. Quality past performance has earned your group a great reputation, which in turn has positioned the company as the […]

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Asset Lifecycle and Adhoc Reporting

Contributed by Tanner Zeisel, Director of Asset Management Solutions, E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC     If you work with spreadsheets a lot, you are intimately familiar with “Control F”.  if you’re an asset manager using spreadsheets, this is probably your best friend when it comes to “adhoc reporting”. And let’s be honest, this is far from […]

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