Can the ERP system adequately support the life cycle management of physical Assets? — 4 Questions to ask

This blog is contributed by Tanner Zeisel, Director of Asset Management Solutions, E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC       We just published a new white paper, “Rethinking Using ERP for Asset Management”. We have seen many organizations using excel sheets managing physical assets, but thinking they can one day use their ERP system to automate […]

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Input and Output – A Techie Term for Property Management

This blog is contributed by Illanit Benor, customer implementation specialist at E-ISG Asset Intelligence       When a company begins the process to track their assets, their future goals are not the only objectives worth exploring. In general, all databases are about what you put in, “input” and what you take out, “output”. Input […]

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Expanding the Awareness and Adoption for Government Property Management Standards in Your Company

With the increasing scrutiny from Department of Defense and its auditing agency DCMA on Government Property Management system, many government contractors find themselves in an urgency to improve the processes in managing Government Property. Government Property Management system is one of the 6 required business systems in DFARs and DCMA is responsible for auditing the […]


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Rethink Using Your ERP for Asset Management — Part 2 of 2

This is contributed by Tanner Zeisel (,  Director of Asset Management Solutions, E-ISG Asset Intelligence         In last last blog, we talked about the difference between ERP and EAM solutions in Acquire, Deploy, and Manage. Here we continue to explore the differences in these two types of solutions Report Reporting on the […]

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