Increase in Interagency Cooperation, Decrease in Accountability

Property managers from federal agencies deal with budget cuts and organizational realignment on what feels like an everyday basis. Yet the demands placed on federal property management organizations never change: they must, and will, continue to provide increased service to the public. So how do property managers meet the increasing demands for public safety while […]

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8 Steps Towards Creating an Equipment Management Plan

1. Know what you have to track Talk to your department managers. What are they tracking now, what needs tracking but isn’t being tracked? Answering these questions is the first step to focusing your property management plan. 2. Create a process group Get an associate from each department involved. If they are invested in the […]

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Maintaining Total Asset Visibility in the Age of Reduced Budgets

Back in August I wrote a blog post discussing the Federal Government’s painfully negotiated budget legislation. While President Barack Obama averted the prospect of the first default in the 224-year history of the United States, the economy remains weak. What does this mean for property managers and emergency management organizations that rely on Federal grants […]

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Coalition Building

Featured Contributor: Eric Holdeman This is an interesting time in which to live.  The challenges we face are immense and the solutions necessary for success generally involve our learning to work together for the betterment of all.  One small example of that is the pursuit and acquisition of federal grant dollars to support our individual […]

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