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Coalition Building

Featured Contributor: Eric Holdeman This is an interesting time in which to live.  The challenges we face are immense and the solutions necessary for success generally involve our learning to work together for the betterment of all.  One small example of that is the pursuit and acquisition of federal grant dollars to support our individual […]

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Managing Risk with Total Asset Visibility

Disaster scenarios are inevitable. For this reason property managers must anticipate the unknown by developing contingency plans. The highest level of risk when facing a tragedy is uncertainty. Failing to act decisively will only serve to magnify the detrimental effects of the disaster scenario.

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Cost Saving Opportunities Every Property Manager Should Use

A property manager’s first move when balancing the annual budget is to look into the “Property, Plant and Equipment” (PPE) line on the balance sheet. Today, savvy decision makers are realizing that proactively managing their resources will result in dramatic capital savings. A proactive approach to property management will also increase the organization’s Return On […]

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Forecasting for Equipment Management

Forecasting is a crucial, yet often overlooked aspect of fixed and mobile asset management. Traditionally, inventory audits are focused on what assets an organization currently has. However, the data generated by an effective inventory audit should be able to indicate an organization’s asset utilization habits. Questions such as: which assets are used most often and […]

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