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Managing Risk with Total Asset Visibility

Disaster scenarios are inevitable. For this reason property managers must anticipate the unknown by developing contingency plans. The highest level of risk when facing a tragedy is uncertainty. Failing to act decisively will only serve to magnify the detrimental effects of the disaster scenario.

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Forecasting for Equipment Management

Forecasting is a crucial, yet often overlooked aspect of fixed and mobile asset management. Traditionally, inventory audits are focused on what assets an organization currently has. However, the data generated by an effective inventory audit should be able to indicate an organization’s asset utilization habits. Questions such as: which assets are used most often and […]

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A Sound Equipment Management Solution is the Key to Business Success

Organizations are gazing into the crystal ball and grilling their asset managers to determine where their respective industries are heading. Does this seem like a far-fetched notion to you? Well, it shouldn’t. Given that the cornerstone of any successful fixed asset management process is a well-developed plan for inventory management, it stands to reason that […]

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Equipment Accountability for Emergency Management Agencies

E-ISG Asset Intelligence has had the pleasure of working with a variety of organizations across a diverse range of industries. However, some of our most engaging and groundbreaking work has been developed in concert with emergency management personnel working in the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) of the US Department of Homeland Security. Recently, E-ISG published […]

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