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Disaster Academia and Asset Management Systems

The maturation of the emergency management field is being driven in part by the developing institution of disaster academia. Older emergency managers are moving into semi-retirement, adopting new roles as educators and consultants. Accordingly we are seeing a rise in independent organizations that evaluate and accredit emergency management programs against a set of national standards. These standards are similar to the standards of property management we discussed in March, in that they evaluate an entire jurisdiction’s emergency management preparedness.

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Property Management Standards – Part 3

Guest Contributor: Amanda Watkins Last week’s standards discussion was centered on standard practices and terms in specific areas of property management. Today we’ll explore how the principles of property management are established, as well as touch on disposal of property and how property management affects your career and development training.

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Property Management Standards – Part 1

As tornadoes and severe weather continue to ravage Indiana and other parts of the mid-West, disaster preparedness, business continuity, and community resilience has unfortunately once again been forced to the front of our minds. However, while it is important to remain ever-vigilant of such disasters through a state of constant-preparedness, it is time to shift our focus to a different topic. March brings with it the promise of a new month, of spring-time, warmer weather, and of course, a new blog topic. In March we will be discussing the standards of property manager and without further delay I will turn the reigns over to our resident property management expert, Amanda Watkins.

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