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Total Asset Visibility: 3 Factors to Proactive Disaster Recovery

incident_management   Disaster recovery and restoration for businesses and organizations is not all that different from a community’s recovery. In fact, as we have stated in previous blog posts, community resilience is directly correlated with the continuity plans of its private sector. That being said, the recovery focus for businesses is geared more to resumption of services, and as such, the disaster recovery bottom line for businesses is to keep personnel employed and normal operations running – hopefully without much time lost at all.

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Equipment Management and Disaster Preparedness Tips for Small Businesses

Small-to-medium-sized businesses are the most vulnerable in a disaster scenario. When you consider that America's small-businesses form the backbone of the nation's economy - small businesses alone account for more than 99 percent of all companies with employees, employ 50% of all private sector workers and provide nearly 45 percent of the nation's payroll – their preparedness for a disaster scenario is of paramount importance. We have been discussing the importance of disaster planning and the role business continuity plays in a business’, and therefore a community’s, resilience. However, the way in which a small or medium sized business prepares for a disaster is different from that of a larger corporation. Smaller organizations face added challenges that their corporate colleagues simply do not.

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